Hey, look, it’s the first post of the year!  I’ve been putting off updating the site until I’d upgraded the WordPress software, which was so horribly out of date that some of my plugins had stopped working right.  So last night I decided to hang out at work a little longer and upgrade to the newest versions of everything I use and now everything is shiny and new and wonderful (on the back end, anyway).  I had to stay and do it at work because for two months now I’ve been unable to bring myself to do it at home.  That’s because after ten hours of sitting on my ass in a dingy office, I’m likelier to parade around the house in winged sandals and a feather boa than I am to sit back down in front of another fucking computer.

You know, about a year and a half ago, WordPress wasn’t working so hot in one or two areas and I decided to just go ahead and write my own blog code.  I spent months working on that shit and it worked pretty well.  But every time I wanted to do something new, I found myself having to spend a lot of time reading up on PHP or tweeking it just right and after a while it just got too frustrating to deal with and I decided to give the newest version of WordPress a shot and wow, what an enormous difference.  The old version I was using was good but flawed.  The newer versions have all been stellar.  It really is a kick ass program.  I’m glad I wrote my own code because it forced me to learn quite a bit but when you compare the time and effort between doing it yourself and installing a program and running it through some tweeks, it just becomes increasingly silly to do it yourself.

Anyway, this will be the first thing I’ve written in over a month.  I decided to ignore everything for the holidays and just goof off with friends as much as I could and it was every bit as productive as I knew it wouldn’t be.  I’m a slack ass.

New Year’s Day was mostly spent doing nothing.  I successfully avoided the Rose Parade and the various Bowls.  Unfortunately, it was after 3pm before I stepped outside and discovered that I’d missed out on an entire day of perfect, gorgeous weather.  It was that nice outside, and it has been pretty much every day since.  Hooray for January in Southern California.

You know what’s weird?  I’ve gone through mild depression every December 26 through January 1 for as long as I can remember.  Almost exactly two years ago I wrote about this and I haven’t experienced it since.  Last year, everything was just peachy and this year I had the best Christmas I’ve had in years and The Awesome continued right on through New Year’s Eve/Day to this very moment.

I’d planned on writing about how much I hate my job, but you know what?  I’m married to the coolest wife ever, and my family and friends are all doing well and aside from the economic beating this country has had to take, and the subsequent poverty, things have never been better.  So whatever.