I have a hunch this might be a frustrating contact page for some people, and I apologize for that, but as of right now (May 22nd, 2019) I’m just really into low-tech solutions. I don’t want a complicated email form, or even a simple one, and I’m certainly not going to include a link to send me an email with a simple click / tap, because that’s just asking for a flood of bot junk.

Also, I’m on social media, but I don’t really use social media. I’ve been off Twitter for a little less than a year now and wow, is it great. I’m not sure I’ve ever posted anything to Instagram. My handle for both is @timhatchdammit (I got tired of trying to find a damn username), but I’m not sure why anyone would follow me at either, and I never check messages there.

My email is tim(at), and if you’d care to go to the trouble of typing that into a To: field, I’d love to hear from you.

At some point in the future, I may wish to be more active on social media, and I may wish to make contacting me an easier process, and if that day ever comes to pass, then this page will look different. Until then, let’s all pretend we still live in a pre-Matrix world, and communicate like old people (#old).