Weekly Check In – 11/25/2020

Seventy one weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: ???
  • Blood Sugar: ???

I woke up this morning, read my daily email from Heather Cox Richardson, spent half an hour on social media, fed the dogs, ate breakfast, and then realized it was Wednesday and that I hadn’t checked my blood or weighed myself yet (my weight probably isn’t too affected, but I’ve completely fucked up my blood sugar numbers by taking in food before the count). So hell with it, I’m taking the week off.

This time last year I weighed 300 pounds (and was ecstatic about it). Last year was my first Thanksgiving since the surgery and if I was worried about what I was going to eat, I didn’t write about it. This year I’m not even a little worried. I’ve already told people not to make too much of certain foods because there’s no way in hell I’m eating them. I’ll be having turkey tomorrow. Possibly a little more than I need, but not more than I can handle because that would end with dumping. I’ll have some vegetables as well, and a tiny bit of gravy, but mostly I’ll be having turkey. I’ll be avoiding stuffing, mashed potatoes, all bread (#FuckBread), cranberries in all their horrifying forms, casseroles of any kind, all pies, and I. Do. Not. Care. And here’s why:

I saw that picture when I was up at my parent’s house the other day. It was taken at pretty damn close to my heaviest.

Three things I’m grateful for:

  • I’m grateful I no longer have all the health problems that I did in that picture above. Looking at that is fucking bananas.
  • Even though California will never run short of idiots, I’m grateful to be living in a state that takes deadly pandemics seriously. I’m going to miss seeing a lot of my family at Thanksgiving this year, but it’s better to miss them than to risk exposing them to something I don’t even know I’m carrying.
  • I’m grateful for my ability to say “fuck it” when I screw something up. I felt like an idiot for about five minutes this morning, and then stopped. That might seem small, but there was a time when that would’ve been an entire day of beating myself up.
  • I’m grateful for The Mandalorian.

That was four things, but whatever, that show is seriously making me happy.

I’m good this week. I have a LOT of grading to get through before Sunday, but I’m keeping it to ten essays a day. I need to leave myself time to have a life, and to attend to other things around the house while Annette and I have some rare, shared time off.

Happy Thanksgiving!