Weekly Check In – 11/27/2019

Nineteen weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 300
  • Blood Sugar: 100

Downward movement again is very nice. The stall has been eating away at me, despite the fact that it happens to everyone. I still put responsibility for it on my own shoulders. Giving myself a break shouldn’t be a Herculean labor. Bleah.

I’m happy. I punched four new holes in my belt the other day, so I’ve been losing inches as well as a few pounds. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, which pretty much always makes me happy, but I’m getting a picture taken tomorrow which should make for an interesting before and after. And I’m about to go to work, where 95% of my students will blow off class, which is excellent, because I’ll be able to get some grading done.

Here, have a graphic: