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8th Grade Unity

Before I begin, I feel obligated to clarify something:  This is not a story of how cool I was when I was a kid.  Nor is it a story that glorifies or celebrates my shitty behavior (actually, it might celebrate it just a little bit).  No one featured in this story (as with most stories...

Beef Cheeks

I ate beef cheeks today.  Specifically, I ate Beef Cheek Tacos from a nearby Taqueria.  They weren’t particularly good or bad…they tasted of beef.  And the meat was fattier than a “normal” cut of beef.  I’d heard from more than one person that cheeks were good eats, but so far I’m unimpressed.  Then again, maybe...

What Does Corporate Greed Look Like?

I have this thought about twice a year, usually in the colder months.  Is there any greater visual representation of corporate greed than this? What the fuck is up with that?  I don’t really feel like speculating, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with rich, white, old fucks.  Just thought I’d share.


I called my wife yesterday morning and invited her to lunch, which is something we’re not going to get to do very often once the bakery opens.  Problem is, our choices are limited since I only have a half hour for lunch.  So we’re talking about what to eat and she finally ends the debate...