The Not-Very-Timely Movie Review – Flightplan

Hi my name is Carson and I’m an Air Marshall.  My flight attendant girlfriend and I have come up with a way to steal 50 million dollars from the airline she works for.  All we have to do is agitate someone into acting crazy and causing a disturbance on the plane and then tell the captain that this person is a terrorist and that he or she will blow the plane up if the airline doesn’t deposit 50 million dollars into a Swiss bank account.  As long as no one talks to this person after the demand is made, no one will figure out we’re full of shit.

Oh and the entire plan hinges on abducting and drugging a little girl HALF AN HOUR AFTER TAKE OFF, and then stashing her deep in the cargo hold of the plane, hoping against hope that no one, on a plane with 400+ passengers remembers seeing her.

It’s so crazy it just might work!

Hello, my name is Tim.  I know exactly dick about airline security policies and procedures.  This movie is so full of shit, you can’t watch it without getting a little bit on you.