Yet Another URL

Before I say anything else, let me get this part out of the way: I WAS WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. Holy shit, I honestly thought I understood politics, but apparently I didn’t know a damn thing about politics. Apparently almost none of us did. Worse, apparently only a few people actually understood what 21st-century American politics had become, and one of them was Donald Trump. It’s been two and a half years, and I still want to vomit. But I’m not resurrecting this site to talk about Trump.

I’m resurrecting this site because I miss having a place to publish longer thoughts than the kind you’d find on social media, and I’m fairly exhausted by social media. I talk about this a little bit in the About page, but I’ve purchased a new domain name, and I’ve purged a lot of the older content that I no longer care about. Not rebranding so much as it is…revision I guess. Actually I like that analogy a lot. As you revise a thing, you improve it, refine it, make it better. Also, “rebranding” is a term that makes me nauseous (#MarketingIsTheDevil).

So anyway, old site, new name, still figuring out what I’ll be doing with it, and you won’t have to wait to find out what that is, because by the time I tell anyone about the changes, this post will be old news. #huzzah #HashtagsAreMyNewestJoy