Weekly Check In – 9/8/2021

One hundred and twelve weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 242

No change in weight, which is nice I suppose. At least I can maintain, but I really wanna start losing again. I’m tracking calories (most days) and tracking water (most days), but I might need to up the exercise routine. I’ve noticed, here at the start of my third year in post surgery, that I’m able to eat more than I was even a few months ago. I met my mom for lunch yesterday and ate a salad that, a few months ago, I would’ve only been able to get halfway through before wanting to die. Yesterday I ate the whole thing. It wasn’t huge, I don’t feel regret, but I seem to be able to eat without discomfort now, so I’m going to have to start paying even closer attention to portions (because the pain of being too full is no longer a reliable tool) and I’m very likely going to need to start burning more calories in a day.

At a guess, I’m probably carrying around twenty(ish) pounds of extra skin. You can do with that image whatever you wish (you’re welcome!). It’s not horrifying, but it’s not fun. Even so, I’d still like to get down to 225 before I pursue whatever surgical options there are for having it removed. I have zero idea why I’d like to do that but that’s my goal. Maybe it’s because I got so close to it just as the lockdown started. Oh hey, speaking of which:

If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, you’re a fucking prick. People are dying, get your shit together, grow the fuck up, and do your part. Conspiracy theories are for fucking losers. I mean, if all the unvaccinated fuck heads get sick and die I guess that’s one path to herd immunity, but it’s a stupid path, so quit being an idiot. People are depending on you. We’re getting close to the time when things got really bad last year (you know, when the death toll fucking doubled), and I’d really like to not lose any more people, and your personal liberty can go fuck itself if it requires a running body count.

Three things I’m grateful for:

  • Vaccines. You know what’s great? Walking. Running, jumping and cartwheels are all pretty great too. Oh oh, and dancing, people love dancing. You know what hates all of that? Fucking polio.
  • Vaccines. You know what’s fucking horrifying? Brain infections and bleeding problems. Rashes are a serious drag too. Know what loves all that shit? Fucking rubella.
  • VACCINES. Does chronic fatigue, muscle pain, joint pain, stomach pain, dark urine DARK URINE, and yellow skin and eyes sound like your idea of a good weekend? Then you should run out and get some fucking hepatitis, you utter failure of a human.

I didn’t write an update again last week. Last week was super busy, but I still need to make the time for it, it’s not like it eats up an entire afternoon. Part of me is wondering if I’m avoiding the update as a way of avoiding the personal accountability for my weight and health. Part of me thinks I should talk to my shrink about that. But the other part of me is telling me that I’m secretly Zeus, and that I shouldn’t sweat the little stuff. That might be something to bring up in therapy as well.

I’m good this week. I’ve got some anxiety about the Covid, as you may have picked up on. I had a student tell me they had a cold the other day and I asked them to report their symptoms to the school, and to be sure to get a test so we could know they’re negative, but I can’t make them do anything. At least I don’t think I can, I’m gonna reread everything I’ve been sent over the previous month. Regardless, I’ve gotta send an email to my classes to reinforce the idea that taking common sense precautions is the only responsible thing to do. I really hope we’re not struggling with this same fucking nonsense next year.

Here, have a graphic: