Weekly Check In – 8/21/2019

Five weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 352
  • Blood Sugar: 91
  • Waist: 53”

In the last week I’ve been able to go out into the world and tend to the things that need tending to without wanting to collapse. Next week I start teaching again, but I’ll be on a reasonable schedule until a month from now, and then my Tuesdays and Thursdays will suuuuuck. But a month from now I should have more energy. And hopefully be another 15-20 pounds lighter (I’m not sure how comfortable I am making predictions, but fuck it).

Yesterday I went shopping for new clothes with Annette. I cannot overstate how great that was. Wearing pants that don’t hang off you like drapes is like getting out of jail (I’ve clearly never been to jail). I walked in that store wearing size 54/34 pants and a 6XT T-Shirt, and I walked out wearing a pair of 48/34 jeans (my first pair of Levi’s in over 15 years) and a 3XT T-Shirt. It feels so great to have clothes that fit (mine really haven’t since before the surgery). Annette took this picture of me in my new clothes, listening to the woman who helped us telling me when the rest of my clothes would ship:

I’m happy. There’s just too much insane bullshit happening across the country right now, and literally insane rhetoric coming from our elected leaders, but if I focus on myself and my improving health? I’m happy. Sometimes all you can do is choose what you’re gonna focus on.

Here, have a graphic: