Weekly Check In – 5/19/2021

Ninety six weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: ???

Honestly, it’s been a busy week and I forgot to weigh on Wednesday, and didn’t even think about it until Thursday afternoon. And then I forgot to even write this until just now (Friday night). But I’m on Zoom with friends right now, so everything below this line will be written in the morning.

One of my classes turned in their final essays on Monday night and I submitted grades for the class less than 24 hours later. This is unheard of, but I couldn’t drag it out because of all the essays (50ish) that came due last night (it’s now Saturday morning, as promised above). I’m meeting with more friends in a few minutes but when that’s done it’s time to grade like the wind, whatever that means, because I have even more essays coming due tomorrow night. On the plus side, by this time next week, grades will have been submitted for two schools (three classes), and I’ll be down to teaching one class for one school, which is almost like summer vacation. Except I’ll actually have two classes for two schools this summer, but you get the idea.

Three things I’m grateful for:

  • Work. As tired as it sometimes makes me, I love what I do, and I’m grateful to be gainfully employed enough that I have to turn down work (I’ve turned down five classes from three schools in the last month) on a somewhat regular basis. I hate turning it down, but I know my limits.
  • Drugs. I think the Lexapro might be evening things out a bit. I think. It’s hard to measure that shit.
  • Writers. Specifically the writers I’m friends with. I was talking about an idea for a poem I had last night and one of my friends inspired me to finish the damn thing (thanks Natalie!). And I woke up with the beginning of another one this morning. And the one I was talking about last night is being written in the style of my poet friend George, and the one I had the idea for this morning is being ripped off from someone I don’t know, but I’m sure she’d be a good friend if only she was lucky enough to know me.

I’m good this week, even though there’s way too much grading and my mind is permanently distracted by work. Also, I think you can just take it for granted that when I say, “I’m good this week,” it means I’m not looking too closely at the GOP efforts to undermine the constitution and our democracy. Just sayin’.

No graphic to share this week!