Weekly Check In – 3/4/2020

Thirty three weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 267
  • Blood Sugar: 110

That top number hasn’t changed because I only lost .4 pounds. Is that because Sunday and Monday were higher carb days? Or have I busted so much ass at the gym that I’ve put on a little muscle weight? Am I heading into a stall? Or have I just hit a point where the weight loss is gonna be slower? Who fucking knows? Any of those are possible, but the only thing I’m gonna focus on is not having two carby days in a row (ideally, no carby days at all). Sunday was just laziness / convenience. I was out of the house for 12 hours and wasn’t thorough enough in my planning, and chose to eat some crackers that were graciously offering themselves to me. Monday was literally 4-5 bites of rice (it was so fucking good) at a Mediterranean place. Sunday was lazy / mindless eating. Monday was intentional, moderate eating. I’m not even remotely upset about Monday, but it shouldn’t have happened so close to the choices from Sunday.

The bottom number is upsetting. I had zero starchy carbs yesterday, but we’ve already talked about what the previous two days were like. Still. Maybe I’m eating too much fruit? My plan is to be hyper vigilant with all carbs for the next week and see where I land. My blood sugar was in the low 90s for three weeks, and 105 last week. Nothing to get too worried about, but I’m concerned enough to start paying really close attention.

In the gym this morning, after a half hour on the recumbent bike, at level 10, it said this:

That’s been the result every day this week. The recumbent bike is no longer my enemy.

I’m happy. And frustrated. But for some reason, I’m not letting the frustration get to me. I’m adjusting my behavior a bit, sticking to the plan, and checking in again next week.

Here, have a graphic: