Weekly Check In – 12/25/2019

Twenty three weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 287
  • Blood Sugar: 100

Merry Christmas! I’m only two pounds down, but I’m great with that. It’s Christmas morning, but we’ve already had three Christmas celebrations (and two more today). I’ve had zero sugar this Christmas. I haven’t even been tempted to. At the party we were at on Saturday I think I ate almost every Marcona almond on the cheese platter, but I’m not particularly upset about that since I wasn’t eating all the cheese. And again, no desert, anywhere, unless it was fruit.

I’m happy. It’s Christmas, and I woke up in a warm bed this morning, and I get to spend the day with people I love. If you can say the same, congratulations, you’re in a very lucky minority, regardless of how hard everything else is. I’ve spent a LOT of holidays being miserable, being ready to check out of everything and give up. I do not take where I’m at for granted, and if there’s anything the last (almost) six months has taught me it’s this: life is transition. Every moment between birth and death is change, even if we’re not paying attention to it. Paying attention is a good thing. I hope your day is excellent, but if it isn’t, tomorrow will be.

Here, have a graphic: