Weekly Check In – 10/7/2020

Sixty four weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 233
  • Blood Sugar: 101

Down 0.2 pounds this week, which we’ll just agree to call maintenance. Which is something I need to get used to thinking about. This isn’t a diet after all, and whenever I finally hit my last goal (225), it’s not like I can celebrate with pizza and cake. So screw it, I’m happy to have maintained. Also happy that the blood sugar is staying where it needs to stay and I’m going to attribute that to remembering to keep drinking enough water.

I finished grading my MASSIVE stack of essays, and now I’m going through and grading revised essays, and sending out progress reports. One of my students texted me this week and asked a question about the midterm, and my immediate response was, “Fuck, are they writing the midterm this week?” Yeah. That’s where I’m at. I’m also trying to get my own writing done, and give feedback to a good friend so, you know, no such thing as free time. So I’ll be keeping this one short.

Iā€™m good again this week. I’ve consumed very little news, and I’m avoiding political conversations like long lines at the DMV. This is the strategy until after the election.

Here, have a graphic: