Weekly Check In – 1/29/2020

Twenty eight weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 275
  • Blood Sugar: 100

Three pounds is fantastic! I honestly feel like that’s as good a week as I can have now that I’m eating 800-1000 calories a day. Speaking of, I just got back from a visit with a nutritionist, and she’s happy with where I’m at, intake wise. She’s concerned that my protein intake is a little too low on some days, and she’s correct to be worried, some days it is. But only a little, and I refuse to obsess over it. I refuse to obsess over any aspect of my diet. I’m prone to obsession, and freaking out over a few too many pistachios is a recipe for madness. Or unhappiness. Or both. And taking in more calories than I need to get in more protein is stupid.

I’ve been told for months that I need to start eating chia seeds to up my iron intake. Last night Annette made “overnight oats,” which is rolled oats, chia seeds, almond milk, and stevia. This morning we ate them and they were good, but then we recorded the calories and fuck that. 233 calories and only 7 grams of protein. Literally nothing I eat, apart from veggies, is that low in protein. The tiny ass (half-size) protein bars I eat are 110 calories and 10 grams. Never again.

Let me tell you about my Monday morning. Annette and I woke up at 4:30am, and went to the gym. We did a half hour on the treadmill, and 15-20 minutes on the weights, and went home. This gives her enough time to shower and get to work on time, and it gives me extra time to grade or write before I teach. I didn’t go yesterday because I was fasting for some bloodwork, and there’s no fucking way I can work out without some kind of fuel. But today was a repeat of Monday, and I feel great. I’m gonna do everything I can to make this my morning routine until it’s settled into my DNA where, hopefully, it’ll replace one of the multitude of bad habits also hanging out in there. Today there was some pain in the left foot, but that’s an every-day possibility for that foot. I just pushed through it and now I’m feeling good and not limping, so #huzzah.

I’m happy. I’m slowly getting Work Brain back. I’ve blown off a lot of video game fun in order to grade, and I’m starting to write again, which is good because I have a deadline to make in about five seconds.

Here, have a graphic: