Small Victories

I was supposed to start aerobic activity last weekend and had to take a break halfway through a ten-minute stroll. That’s when I decided I needed to up my calories and protein to the daily max (600 calories / 80 grams). Day before last, I took in 641 calories and 86 grams of protein. Yesterday it was 790 calories and 75 grams of protein (there was a little more dairy than usual due to going out into the world for a job interview, and a little more dairy equals a lot more calories…how I wish I’d paid attention to this shit when I was younger…).

While I was out yesterday, I was walking, climbing stairs (without pain), and doing it all without being winded. This morning, at 5:30, Annette and I got up and walked the dogs to the end of the block and back. No stopping. A little tired after and breakfast was 100% necessary when we got back. In other words, normal energy levels for a middle aged man who had surgery three weeks ago.

I’m feeling pretty great today. Here’s a picture of Annette from this morning, responding to my, “Give me attitude, give me shoulders, work that shit girl!” She looks fantastic.

Love her to the moon and back.