Gratitude Journal

Trying something different today:

  • Grateful for the students who are most likely lying to me about not plagiarizing. Seriously, thank you, you’re helping me grow as an educator. Because education isn’t always about instruction, and instruction I know I’m good at. But dealing with this shit, which is stupid, and an offensive waste of my time, and wholly unnecessary, this is still good for me to get better at. We’ll see how I wind up dealing with this, but whatever the outcome, this is helping me to become a better teacher. So thanks.
  • The power outages today. I still worked way too many hours today (10, I think), but if the power hadn’t gone out, I might not ever have gotten out of the house today, and I needed to. I need to vote against the orange beast, and I needed to be out in the world experiencing what was honestly a pretty gorgeous day, despite the wind, and I need some fucking Starbucks because I’m a fucking addict, which is ridiculous because I don’t even drink caffeine anymore, but whatever.
  • There is no third thing that was annoying as fuck today but which I am also grateful for, but as I finished writing that last thing, I immediately starting thinking of two or three other things / people I was grateful for, and now I wish I’d written this in the morning. But then maybe this little experiment wouldn’t have ever happened, so you know what? Fuck it, I’m grateful for the procrastination that lead me to trying to be grateful for the annoying things I encountered today.