Gratitude Journal

Three things:

  • Flexibility. I haven’t written one of these in two days because the night before last I was exhausted, and last night I was too busy having the most fun I’ve had since the Before Time. And the more I think about it, the more I think writing these at night is a bad idea anyway, because nighttime make sleepyhead (#NighttimeMakeSleepyhead). So this needs to be a morning thing from now on.
  • Zoom. Yes, fuck Zoom, but last night I got to hang out with 10 of the best people spread out across four countries, and I laughed my ass off and felt real joy, so yeah. Fucking Zoom.
  • I’m not quite sure what to label this one. I read five essays yesterday morning and on my fifth one, my frustration levels were so immense, I closed my laptop and never came back to it. So I guess I’m grateful for the presence of mind to know when a day off is necessary, and I’m grateful for the old-school work ethic that allows me to be able to afford a surprise day off like that every once in a while.