Gratitude Journal

Three things:

  • Creativity. My career is in education, but the side gig is writing and the arts, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that. I know the most amazing people, and I get to hang out with them all the time, when there’s not a plague on, and it’s a genuinely good life.
  • The Inland Valley Art & Literature Show. This is a weekly podcast I (usually) participate in where a bunch of creatives discuss art and then get lost in a series of tangents that usually wraps up on task. I love being the dumbest guy in the room, every week is a genuine education and an absolute blast.
  • Unnamed Podcast that Jeff just asked me to do with him. That’s all I’ll say at the moment, except that after a day of grading, when asked for possible names for it, the best I could come up with was Booboo Kitty Fuck, which is both stupid and plagiarized.