Weekly Check In – 9/26/2019

Ten weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 326
  • Blood Sugar: 102

This is actually a day late. I woke up late yesterday, and was so preoccupied with my classes for the day, that I was dressed before I remembered what day it was. I weighed, but instead of three pounds loss, the scale showed a two pound gain, and fuck that.

I can live with 3 pounds a week, but the slow down is an important sign. I’m rapidly approaching the point where the weight loss can’t continue without incorporating more exercise into my regular routine. I’m finally getting back to the energy levels to do that, so it needs to start happening or I’ll hit a stall. I’ll hit a stall at some point anyway, but I’d like to put it off, and I’d like to be more active.

Also, at some point, the surgery is going to stop doing the work for me, and the way I’m living won’t be enough to lose anything. Exercise has to be incorporated into my daily life.

Blood sugar is creeping back down, which is great. Fruit is a regular part of the diet, and I’m thrilled to see that number decreasing.

I’m happy. I had my first 13-hour day the other day, and I got through it with just enough energy to get home and feed myself. If that isn’t progress, there’s no such thing as progress. Also, yesterday I discovered the magic and splendor of high protein milk. Lactose-free, fat-free milk that doesn’t taste like a fucking birthday cake. I can drink a cup for breakfast and go teach without wanting to vomit. This is huge.

Here, have a graphic: