Weekly Check In – 6/2/2021

Ninety eight weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 242

Down a pound. As I said I would last week, I’ve been tracking every calorie and getting (more than) enough water, and the course has been corrected. It’s nice that I know this about myself. There’s probably a lot to say about how powerful self knowledge is and how the process of changing your body will kind of force that on you, but I just woke up.

Once again, it’s Saturday morning, and I just realized last night I hadn’t written this yet. That needs to be corrected as well, but I’ll work on that after I get my grades turned in next week.

On Tuesday morning, Annette and I woke up at 4:30 and hit the gym. I did 15 minutes on the bike and then had to go outside because I couldn’t pair my earbuds with anything other than the gym’s stereo system and the only thing they’d play was fucking Journey, so fuck that shit. Then I came back and did a half hour on the bike. Six miles at level 10 (whatever the hell level 10 means…it’s harder than level 9 I guess…), and six miles was always my goal back when we were working out every morning, in the Before Time. Wednesday I gave up after 15 minutes because my legs were on fire and wouldn’t stop. Thursday we didn’t go because Annette’s entire body was screaming at her, and my legs were still sore too. Yesterday we went and everything was great. Baby steps, but it feels good to be going back.

Three things I’m grateful for:

  • Going to the gym. No further explanation needed.
  • My old friends. I love all my friends, but my oldest friends knew me when I was a very different person and I’ve been dealing with a person with anger issues this week and all I can say is my old friends are some patient, loving people, and thank god they didn’t give up on me (the way I’m tempted to give up on this person).
  • Therapy. See previous item.

I’m good this week. I’ve had a little breathing room in between semesters ending at different schools, and I’ve been reading a bit more and spending a little time just goofing off and prepping for summer courses. This summer I’m teaching a new class I’ve never taught before (so I’m freaking out a little), and I need to get that figured out ASAP, but first there’s one more round of research papers to grade. Here, have a graphic: