Weekly Check In – 5/26/2021

Ninety seven weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 243

Well then. Up five pounds. Piss. I put my looser pants (as opposed to my loser pants) on the other night and told Annette, “These feel too tight,” and it turns out they were. Shit happens. Not quite sure what “shit” actually happened this last week, and a five pound gain from food doesn’t even seem possible so I’m gonna go ahead and blame it on not enough water and too much mindless eating. On a positive note, after about six weeks of Lexapro, I didn’t jump into the negative headspace that usually accompanies this sort of news, so that’s nice. I wasn’t even that upset, I just shrugged my shoulders and decided to spend the next week tracking every calorie and being extra sure to get enough water every day. These are the tools I have and every time there’s a gain like this, I remember to go back to using them.

I’ve been grading way too much. It’s the end of the term and the research papers are here and they’re staring at me. Mocking me. But I’m slowly getting through them.

Three things I’m grateful for:

  • End of the semester. It’s actually here for two schools and it’s looming for the third. I turned in my grades for CSUSB last night and that felt pretty wonderful. I love hearing from students that something in my class actually helped them, or that they no longer feel daunted by writing an essay. That could pay the mortgage off if it was cash.
  • The tools for healthy living mentioned above. It seems like a small thing, but there was a time when weight gain was a complete mystery, and how to deal with it an even bigger one. I’m sure I wasn’t really paying attention when they were teaching basic nutrition when I was a kid, but damn, they still could’ve done a better job of it.
  • Vaccinations. I have so many people who wanna hang out and have lunch I’m starting to have to organize it in my head and put shit on the calendar again. I love this.

I’m good this week. Tired of grading, but whatever, who wants to whine about work? And I love my job. And I’m so grateful (this could be the fourth item from above) to have more work coming my way than I can handle. I have five classes for the fall, and I’ve turned down another five classes. I’m a lucky man for that alone (and if you add the wife, the house, the friends and family, and the dogs into the mix, I’m so lucky I’m almost tempted to resent myself).

Here, have a graphic: