Weekly Check In – 2/24/2021

Eighty four weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 237

(Reminder that I’m no longer posting the blood sugar since it’s been stable for over a year). Up half a pound, so…bleah. Not really stressing it, but not thrilled. It kind of boils down to the same things I tend to say whenever there’s a small bit of weight gain: I could’ve exercised more and I could’ve eaten more mindfully (though not a whole lot more). So yeah. I think I’m just at a place where if I’m going to eat less than mindfully, I need to be religious about exercise. Something to keep in mind as part of the new normal.

Before I could finish that last paragraph I was informed that Annette and I have been breathing in asbestos since we’ve been living here so that was fun.

Three things I’m grateful for:

  • A professional, living wage. It sucks that I have to cobble it together from three different schools, but I’m still grateful for it. Grateful that I can afford to write a check to have my furnace cleaned, and grateful that the bomb they drop on me with the estimate for having my ducts replaced won’t be the end of the world. A few years ago it would have been.
  • President Biden. I was just talking to a good friend last night and we both mentioned how nice it is not to have the Daily Fear postings that accompanied the last guy. Fuck that guy.
  • Reality checks. I received a rude awakening the other day, nothing terrible, but it caused me to spend the next several hours reevaluating everything, and I arrived at the conclusion that I’m spread a little too thin. So I’ve decided to step back from some of my obligations. There are things I need to take care of, things I could be doing better (or at all) and it’s stupid to keep saying yes to things when I’m not taking care of the important work right in front of me.

I’m good this week. I’m glad to be back into the routine of work. I’m looking forward to getting my first vaccine dose as soon as possible and I’m really looking forward to getting back into the gym when that becomes safe.

Here, have a graphic: