Weekly Check In – 11/20/2019

Eighteen weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 302
  • Blood Sugar: 95

So another mixed bag. I haven’t lost shit this week. When you become a member of the weight loss community (as opposed to someone who diets on their own) there are a few words that take on new context. I’ve already talked about dumping. Another is “stall.” I have hit the dreaded stall. And it sucks but it’s (mildly) better than regain. This is something I knew I was gonna have to deal with because it was discussed a bit in the classes I had to take, and also because Annette is three months ahead of me in this process, and I’ve watched her go through at least two stalls.

Everyone stalls. Everyone regains a little.

Your reaction to both is what separates people who keep their weight off long-term from the people other people tell you about when you announce you’re considering the surgery. When I gained a few weeks ago, I beat myself up for a few days, and then I started using my head, but in both states, I never abandoned my process. This morning I’ve already gone over everything I’ve eaten this last week. Here’s the best I have:

My caloric intake this week has been responsible, but my sodium intake hasn’t, and I’ve been off the diuretic for three weeks. So sodium is now something I very likely have to add to the growing list of shit to constantly monitor. This list will keep growing too, and that might sound tedious (and it is), but it’s what I signed up for.

So. The big takeaways? Stay with the process, increased vigilance, and more fucking exercise.

I’m happy. Since I began publicly recording my weight and blood sugar, my blood sugar has only been lower than 95 twice, and not by much, and never without medication. I am ecstatic about this number. Which brings to mind one other big takeaway (that I frequently need to be reminded of):

Good health is about so much more than weight.

Here, have a graphic: