Weekly Check In – 10/2/2019

Eleven weeks out from surgery, and here are the numbers I care about:

  • Weight: 320
  • Blood Sugar: 119

Six pounds down, but half of that is probably the beard I shaved off last night. Still need more exercise, energy is good, high protein milk is saving my life. Blood sugar is up a bit, but still in a good place, and oh my god, do I love eating fruit. I honestly think my mouth is coming back to life after nearly destroying it with a few swimming pools of salt over the course of my life.

I’m happy. 13-hour days are taking a lot, but I’m getting through them, and more importantly, I’m high energy enough to be alive in front of my students (teachers will absolutely know what I mean). By the way, the graphic below has weird numbers because I weighed in a day late last week, so my stupid app thinks I was nine pounds heavier last Wednesday, instead of six. Artificial intelligence just can’t be as scary as Hollywood would have us believe.

Here, have a graphic: