This isn’t a bariatric recipe, but it won’t hurt, assuming you’re back to eating normal foods. Here, look at this:

That’s 3ish ounces of ribeye steak and it’s proof god loves you. I’ve been eating this for four days, and I’m sure it tastes good reheated, but I personally wouldn’t risk drying it out. Also it tastes amazing cold.

I bought a 2ish pound bone-in ribeye, inch and a half thick, patted it dry, wrapped it in paper towels, and let it hang out in the fridge a few days (change the paper towels every 12ish hours).

Then I seasoned the shit out of it with garlic salt, pepper, and nothing else. Half a tbsp of olive oil in an oven safe pan that’s been sitting on high heat for a while. Steak goes in on one side for three minutes tops, flip and let it sear for another three minutes. When that’s done, put the whole pan in the oven and let it cook for another few minutes at 450. How done you like determines how long in the oven (I like anything between medium rare and medium, so I don’t stress the time a whole lot).

Rest the meat for 10 minutes, cut into strips as above and eat. Two ounces is 14g of protein and 154 calories. Add some asparagus (like six spears, tops) and honestly, there’s not much better and I’m Thanksgiving full. The whole meal is 174 calories because I haven’t slathered my steak in butter or wrapped it in bacon because I’m not an asshole.

ALSO, in the interest of responsible writing, this is NOT an everyday meal, this is once every month or two. No one needs that much red meat. And if you do? Tuna.