Grinder Haven

Had lunch at a place called Grinder Haven today.  I hadn’t eaten there in close to…seven or eight years I guess.  I used to eat there all the time with my friend Chris, but it’s rare that I get to Ontario these days so it’s been a while.  Today, I just decided to drive along Holt Blvd. until I found something that looked like it would actually be good (as opposed to fast or cheap) and it just so happens I wasn’t inspired to stop until I came upon “Grinders” as we used to call it.

Almost 2pm and there were still people in line ordering their lunch – Good Sign.
They now take credit and debit cards – Mildly Unsettling.
They now offer burritos on their menu – Bad Sign.

Not sure, if this was going to be as good an experience as it used to be, I decided to order the usual and see if it lived up to my memory.  So when I got up to the window I ordered a large cold cut combo, an order of fries, and a large Diet Coke (just for the taste of it!).  11 bucks (only up a couple bucks in eight years…not too bad, really) and five minutes later, I had my lunch in front of me.

Best sandwich I’ve had in eight years.  No contest.  They’re now seasoning their fries with Lawry’s Seasoned Salt or something terribly similar, which I wholly object to.  But the fries were too much anyway (I used to split them with Chris).  The sandwich was the best.  Holy crap, it was great!  And huge.  It was a great big 12 inch cock of a sandwich (I’m really hoping they’ll use this endorsement in future advertising).