Gratitude Journal

Three things:

  • I’m grateful for the passive aggressive bullshit exhibited by __________. You’ve taught me that good people can believe totally horrifying things, and that smart people can make objectively stupid choices, and your inability to openly disagree with me has taught me that just because someone loves you doesn’t mean they’re capable of being honest with you. And you’ve taught me that sometimes love is a serious struggle, but that it’s worth the struggle. And finally you’ve taught me that when it comes to persuasion, quiet is more effective than loud. Also, shame on you.
  • I’m grateful for family. Sometimes people are truly horrible and if we’re not forced to keep spending time with them, we’d push them out of our lives, and then we’d miss out on the really wonderful things about them. Even that utter shit heel, __________, at CSUSB has contributed to the world in beautiful ways. I wish people weren’t such goddamn conundrums, such miserable, contradictory ass hats, but they are, and sometimes – not always…not even usually, but sometimes – it’s worth getting to know a shit heel.
  • I’m grateful for Ross Gay. Your poetry has made me want to change everything about how I write. I got about one week into these lists when I remembered your reading at AWP in 2017, and how it changed my life. And now I’m trying to let it change me again, so thanks.